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Story Editing for Authors

By: Kristina Stanley

Want to learn how to perform your own story edit? You’ve come to the right place. Go scene-by-scene and evaluate each story element to learn how to improve your whole story and make everything flow together.

In this email course, author and Fictionary CEO Kristina Stanley shares her method for ensuring that your story is well-told, well-paced and highly effective. Over ten lessons, you will be guided through the process of reviewing your story, scene-by-scene, with the help of a downloadable resource that you will receive in lesson one.

Our Take

UGH EDITING!” 🤪  That’s one of the biggest grumblings I hear from fellow authors.  (and it used to be me, as well!)

Here’s the secret I learned – once you learn how to self-edit effectively – you can truly start to love the process.

This course is a fantastic way to learn great techniques for self-editing your work and get it whipped into shape quick.

Course Price: $0.00