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Plotter, Pantser, or Plantser? Don’t miss this!

Whether you love plotting, pantsing, or plantsing… we have you covered! 😉🤣

I have to come clean and be honest… I am not a plotter.  /sigh/

I want to be a plotter. Truly, I do! And I try to be a plotter… but, alas, I don’t think it’s in my repetoire.

Or I didn’t — UNTIL…

The brilliant author and dear friend, Alex Anderson recommended The Writer’s Plotting Workbook, by R.L. Ryan.

… and even in my dyed-in-the-wool plantser heart… I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. 😍😍

This workbook made it feel like I wasn’t doing the work of plotting… while doing the work of plotting!

So – I had to buy another copy and give it away to you.

Without further ado… do not miss out on this giveaway!

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