Customize & Order Your 🐾 PAWs Site


  • These are the base options for your new site. Once your site is live, you can change colors, backgrounds, fonts and more, anytime you want.
  • Any of the four layout designs will work for any genre of writer! It’s the colors, images, fonts, etc., that you use on your site that mesh it with your genre standards.

Step One: Find your perfect domain name

Step Two: Select Your Options

Site Layout Designs

Layout Designs are the underlying structure of your site. The “what things go where” part. Any genre can work on any of these layouts.

Base Color Schemes

Base Color Schemes are used for things like Heading text colors, link text colors, highlighting colors, etc.

Background Images

Background image is where you can really start tying your site to your genre – this can easily be changed out later, but choose one that resonates with you and fits with the genre you write in. You may also choose a royalty-free background image of your choice from websites such as: Pixabay, Pexels, or UnSplash and provide the link to the image.