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🐾 PAWs for a Cause 🐈😻

PAWs for a Cause Story

On Saturday, April 13th, what seemed like a strange turn of events instead has turned into an incredible story of love. 😻 

Many of you know me, know that I provide tech-for-authors services. I was happily working along Saturday, when my town experienced a widespread power outage.  AEP (our local power co) estimated between 12-24 hours for restoration.

Knowing I wouldn’t be able to cook dinner, I ordered a pizza! So far so good, right?

The pizza delivery guy asked me an odd question when I answered the door, did I have a cat and/or was it out or missing?  I actually do, but they were both snoozing happily in the house.

As he was walking up the steps to my front porch, he saw a terrified, dirty, skinny little kitty cat trying to hide under my porch!

My response… well, I do now. ❤

I love all animals, but I’m a big softy for kitties. I have two already. 


Pizza forgotten, I grabbed a couple bowls for food and water. 

He was starving! 😢

It didn’t even take much for me to coax him out, and lure him onto my porch where he — even terrified — dug into the food.

He was so skinny, dirty, and smelled a little bit like the pitch that is used on railroad ties (I live near a major railroad junction.)

Then he surprised me, he let me pet him.

Then… it was a done deal… he jumped up on me and HUGGED ME!

He… hugged… me…

And he wouldn’t let go.

This is why I’m running the PAWs for a Cause fundraising auction.

I already have two kitties, and I am ready to give new Mr. Kitty his fur-ever home… but I have to get him to a vet first.

That’s where I need your help friends.

I’m auctioning off two PAWs websites,
with the bids starting at $75.

(PAWs sites normally sell for $200 – you can read all about PAWs here.)

Join us for this event – and help me give
soon-to-be-named Mr. Kitty a fur-ever home!