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Last week in the group we started talking about character development and 4 Quick Tips… This week we dive even deeper. Come on  – let’s jump right in!

How do your flawed characters show up?

Flaws can make a character not only feel more ‘real’, but often are what makes a character interesting.
This week we took a look at the flaws we started developing for our characters last week… and use those to dive into how to keep our characters congruent using their flaws to determine how they show up in the world.
So, jump over to the group and check out the video: (more!) Character Building Tips.

Sunday Morning Coffee with Stacy  – Write More Words!

In this week’s Coffee video, we expanded on writing rituals, and (maybe even more importantly) how to manage our finite resources of willpower, motivation, and energy.
If you’ve ever struggled to have a consistent writing routine, you don’t want to miss out on these!
Grab a notepad (because yep, there is homework!) and head over to the group to check out the Sunday Morning Coffee with Stacy video!

If you haven’t joined the group yet…

What are you waiting for? 😉 There’s no risk, we share a ton of relevant, helpful information  – and there’s going to be contests. Contests! With prizes!

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So, join now, and bring some of your writer-friends along with you.  (make it easy, forward them this email and tell them to join with you!)

Take care & chat soon!

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