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I hope you’re staying cool – I don’t know about you, but it’s been brain-melting hot here in West Virginia! To my friends south of the equator… send some cool air this way, will ya?

How Do You Create Deep, Layered Characters?

That is a question we started taking a look at this week in the group. With four super-easy and quick ways that you can add more dimensions and life to the cast of your stories which in turn helps readers connect and relate.
And you know what that means, right? When your readers relate to a character, they engage and they CARE about what happens to them. And that, my friend, is what helps keep the pages turning!
So, jump over to the group and check out the video:4 Quick Tips to Build Better Characters.

Sunday Morning Coffee with Stacy With a BONUS Gift!

In this week’s Coffee video, we talked about starting to create your perfect writing ritual. Why is that important? Because it is critical to developing a lasting and consistent writing habit something that MANY of us writers struggle with (am I right?!)
PLUS who doesn’t love a surprise gift? Especially if it’s one you can start using – right now – to help get you started on your own writing ritual.
(Grab a quick copy here– then head over to the group to check out theSunday Morning Coffee with Stacyvideo!)

Ever see this scary message on your WordPress dashboard?

PHP Update Error Message

Don’t worry, it’s not even that scary… we covered that in the group this week, as well and walk you through theexactsteps you need to do to take care of it in theWordPress Tech Tipvideo!

If you haven’t joined the group yet…

What are you waiting for? There’s no risk, we share a ton of relevant, helpful information and there’s going to be contests. Contests! With prizes!

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So,join now, and bring some of your writer-friends along with you. (make it easy, forward them this email and tell them to join with you!)

Take care & chat soon!

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