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Author's Mojo Discord Server

Current Mojo students can access our Discord server here:

Server Rules:

For Weekly Accountability Check-Ins:

Set up your writing project – this is what you’ll add your word counts to each week

        1. Inside Discord, join the accountability-checkin text channel and create your project:
          • !project create sword The Sword in the Stone

            (where “sword” is the short nickname you give your project and “Sword in the Stone” is the full title)

          • !project update sword 65000

            (this sets the “starting” word count to 65000 for your project with the nickname “sword”

          • NOTE: You only create your project once, after that you just add to it.

        2. Update your word count each week:
          • !wrote 200 sword

            (Will add another 200 words to your Project with the nickname “sword”)

        3. Drop off your goals for next week:
          • In the accountability-checkin TEXT channel, leave a message with your goals for the next week

For Writing Sprints:

You can use the writing sprints text and voice channels anytime, here are some helpful commands:

      • !sprint for 20 in 3
        Schedules a sprint for 20 minutes, to start in 3 minutes

      • !sprint project sword
        Sets your sprint to count towards your Project with the nickname “sword”

      • !sprint wc 250
        Declares your final word count at 250

      • !sprint pb
        Displays your personal best wpm from sprints on this server.

For Fun:

      • !generate
      • !8ball
      • !quote
      • !reassure
      • !xp
      • !ask
      • .catfact
      • .meow
      • .woof