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Indie Author Adventures #29 – Progress (not perfection!)

You know… I’ve come to enjoy our little weekly chats! 😉 What started out as an experiment, has born fruit — some that I was expecting, and some that I was not… but all has been educational, enlightening, and… I daresay… fun!? Wha?! 🤪 Anywho, come on in for a spell and let’s see what this week’s indie author adventure.

This Past Week

This past week has seen me riddled with the (sometimes crippling) writer-self-doubt demon. Yep, we all get it. I don’t know of a single writer — even those I put on that “pedestal” of having “made it” that don’t feel this at one time or another. And it kicked my ass this week. Just sayin’.

The biggest thing I’ve learned about the self-doubt-demon is the biggest difference between me and my indie-author-idols is how we deal with it when it rears its ugly head.

And it’s worth noting – because there’s some real nuggets of wisdom there.

BUT — what I learned from most of them is the most simplistic, “well, duh!!”, advice ever.

No kidding. It seems too simplistic. Too obvious. Too.. “duh”. Yet, it is at the same time one of the easiest — and hardest — things to do.

Write anyway.

Seriously? That’s the life-changing… how to deal with my writer’s demons… advice? THAT? You’ve got to be kiddin’ me.

Nope. That’s the big “secret”. That’s the magic mojo juice. That’s what actually works.

The key – for me at least – is telling myself, it’s okay if this page, this chapter, hell, even this single sentence… is utter shite. Seriously. It’s okay. You know why?

Because you can edit a bad page… you can’t edit a blank one.

And… It’s like many other things… getting started is the hardest part.

The first draft is always crap.

The water doesn’t run until the faucet is turned on.

I could keep going with the quotes… but you get the point.

So… don’t overthink it… just go write. ❤️

What I Accomplished

  • biz meetings
  • Facebook live
  • Author coaching call
  • Book formatting
  • Mailing list service provider moves
  • and yea… WRITING!!  Yep… words have been written. (cue the light breaking thru the clouds and the glorious music!) 🤪
  • And most importantly — reminding myself that it’s okay to take the time and space I need after some traumatic events of late… it’s all about progress, not perfection.

The Big Takeaway

This journey is about progress *not* perfection... or maybe, just maybe... progress IS perfection. <3 Click To Tweet

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