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Indie Author Adventures Episode 21 – Oh the Futility of it All!

Hey fellow writers and friends! 🤪

And… welcome back! It’s that time again for our weekly installment of adventures in indie authoring, 2019. This week, it’s going to be a bit shorter and to the point… why? Because I was recently asked a question – and it is an extremely relevant question that I think most of us have at one time or a million experienced. So… let’s get right to it.

This Past Week

And the question I was asked is this:

Why bother? No one reads my newsletter {or blog, posts, tweets, IGs, books, etc}. It’s futile! Why keep putting in the time and effort?

Because that’s what we do.

Okay, post done – hope it helped and you enjoyed it! 😉

Kidding, of course – you should know by now I’m not that short-winded! LOL

The simple answer is: because if this whole ‘writing gig thing’ is truly what you want to do… then yes, we have to keep putting in the time and effort… because that’s what we do and that’s what we must do.

Why? Because you didn’t stop learning to walk after you fell down the first time. Or even after the 500th time. So, why the hell would you stop trying to build a relationship with your readers after just a few attempts?

Being an author…. especially an indie author… is committing to playing the long-game.

👉 This is NOT a sprint.

👉 You will NOT hit your first book / blog post / comment / newsletter / etc., out of the ballpark and become internet-famous on your first go.

Is it possible to hit the home-run on the first go-round? Sure… it’s possible I could become the next astronaut to land on the moon and then decide to open a coffeeshop there… but it’s also extremely unlikely.

And I’m not saying that to discourage you — not at all!  I’m saying that to share a bit of realness… being an indie-author is a long-game.

Be prepared to commit to that long-game… because if you aren’t prepared to commit to that, then it’s just a hobby. Sorry – sounds harsh… but it’s tough love, not rudeness, I promise.

What I Accomplished

  • Customer website prelaunch
  • 4 more chapters in Idoramin Chronicles Book Five!! (happy dance!!)
  • Outlining author-tech courses
  • Biz meeting
  • Started adding health-habits (adding 1 new healthier thing each week – this week – salads before every dinner to get in some much needed extra veggies!)
  • Other stuff that I can’t remember because I didn’t write everything down this past week! 😉

The Big Takeaway

Being an indie-author is a long-game. Be prepared to commit to that long-game... because if you aren't prepared to commit to that, then it's just a hobby. Click To Tweet

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