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Indie Author Adventures #16 – Overwhelm & Overload

And here we are again, friends! ❤ Episode 16 of my 2019 Adventures in Indie-Authoring. Phew… and what a crazy-hectic year it’s been so far – and I’m glad you’re still on this wild adventure with me.

For you newbies – I’m blogging each week about my… you guessed it… adventures in indie-authoring. 😉 For anyone part of the indie-author world, you know that things can change in the blink of an eye, or the switch of an algorithm… so this year, I’m sharing what I’m up to, what seems to be working, (what doesn’t!), and what I’m learning along the way.

This Past Week

This past week has been a truly interesting one. Scrambling to keep on top of the projects I have concurrently going, still trying to make time for writing, (not pulling my hair out along the way), and trying to remind myself to not keep adding more projects on until these ease up a bit.

And the Universe was listening.  (as it tends to to) 😉

You know that point you get to… the overwhelm-overload?  Well, I was inching up on that this past week… actually, I was probably hydroplaning wildly toward it, but I was happily ignoring that bit.

And the Universe was listening (watching).

Thanks, Universe… now I’m one more kitty-cat closer to being the crazy-cat-lady in my neighborhood. Thanks. 😉

Let me back up a smidge.

So, there I was careening wildly toward that brick wall of overwhelm-overload, and I knew in that wise part of my mind I needed to slow down a wee bit and rest. Buuuut… of course, many of us have a hard time doing that, and when we do, we tend to guilt ourselves silly over it.

(which is kinda crazy if you think about it, right?)

So, I’m chugging along and the electric goes out. Not just at my house, but half of my town.

(insert screeching of brakes as I careen even closer to that wall, and possibly let slip a few choice expletives about how much work I need to be doing, and not having time for a $@%& power outage.)

But… it was exactly what I needed to happen.

👉 Had the electric not gone out (for almost 12 hours)… I would not have been forced to order pizza.
(LOL…bear with me here)

👉 Had I not ordered pizza, the delivery guy wouldn’t have come to my house at precisely when he did.
(because that woulda’ been really super-weird otherwise, right? LOL)

👉 And said pizza delivery guy would not have told me about the little gray kitty that seemed scared to death that was trying to hide under my porch.


On the road to spoiled house-kitty.

The little guy was SO skinny and dirty, and smelled a bit of the pitch that is used on railroad ties (I live near some tracks)

So, (since I already have 2 kitties), I grabbed a couple bowls, filled em up with some food and water, and then managed to coax kitty out from under my porch and onto the porch.

Where he now has food (enough to fatten up several cats lol), fresh water, and yes… that is a box with one of my t-shirts in it.

😻(I told you, crazy-cat-lady)😻

But you know what this has to do with my overwhelm-overload?

That specific and exact sequence of events FORCED me to stop, slow down, and it immediately brought me right into that present moment.

There was no worries of deadlines. No stress over unfinished projects. No angst over unwritten words or lack of time. None of that.

It was just this scared, hungry little kitty… and the fact that after I fed him, he jumped up on me and would… not… stop… hugging… me.

Kitty Hugs! ❤

So, as soon as I can get this little fuzzy luv-bug checked out by a vet, he’ll have a fur-ever home with me and my two kitties:   Finley, Manuscript Editor… and Simon, Writing Coach.

Oh, and yes, you are welcome… (small bit of sarcasm lol)… I never share pictures of me without any makeup, hair done, etc…. so ta-da, you’re welcome! lol 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Still working on a name though… but if I have any thing to say about it, this lil fella won’t be hungry like that ever again… and thank you, Universe, and thank you Kitty for reminding me that there’s a lot more going on than just work. ❤

What I Accomplished

  • New promo with Author’s Mojo
  • New website built
  • Facebook live / author-tech coaching
  • Author-tech coaching call / class
  • Manuscript formatted and prepped for publishing
  • And the most awesome… KITTY HUGS! 😻🐈😻

The Big Takeaway

Slow down and be *here*... right now. You never know, it could just save a life, or at least a ❤ Click To Tweet


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