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Indie Adventures #13 – Overwhelm & Resentment

Holy schmoly, Catman – we did it.

We’ve blogged every week for a quarter of the year.  (Yeah, that’s actually way more than I thought I’d be able to do… you all are awesome for keeping me accountable on this thing!)

If you remember from last week’s adventure, we talked briefly about taking the time (and giving yourself permission!) to pat yourself on the back for accomplishments. No matter how big or small. So go on… give yourself your own pat on the back!  Then drop me a comment down below and let me know what you conquered this week!

(even if it was only that massive pile of laundry…. and if it was, can you come help with mine? 😉😜)

This Past Week

Something you may (or may not) know about me — I’m a “lifelong student”. It’s both a blessing and a curse! I love to learn new things, or learn better ways of doing things that are important to me, etc. Which means – you can often find me on any given day being registered in one course or another. Some meh, some fantastic.

This past week I had enrolled in a five-day free challenge with the awesome Leslie Thomas Flowers over in her Facebook Group, One Woman’s Voice.

Basically – I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed between my tech business, my writing business, and real life.

You know the drill, I’m sure you’ve been there.  There are those things you *have* to do, those things you *want* to do, and those things your heart and spirit *need* to do.  I am so eternally grateful, thankful, and joyous that most of mine overlap. I’m able to pursue my writing career AND I was able to bring the decades of tech experience and knowledge with me to help other indie-authors. So – please do not think I’m complaining – I appreciate exactly how blessed I am! <3

But loving your life and knowing how blessed you are is not the vaccine against time-crunch and overwhelm.  (as much as I wish it were!)

I absolutely love everything I’m doing – and absolutely (most days) try to do too much of all of it.

You know how it is… we often overestimate how much we are *realistically* capable of doing in a day, week, month, whatever.

But… back on topic.  So I signed up for this five-day free challenge, thinking… eh, what the heck? Right? It will either be just something else I have to squeeze into my day (though it was only supposed to take like 10 minutes each day…. right… I was skeptical!)… OR, it would be actually helpful and give me some magical tool to combat my overwhelm and time-crunch stress.

(as you may predict being that I’m blogging about it and sharing it with you… it was the latter) 😉

I will be completely blunt here… day one I was skeptical. But I went on to day two. Was still a wee bit skeptical.

Why? Because I had lists, and lists, and even more lists already.  AND — my brain was saying this is too simple, it’s not going to give me the magic-pill I’m hoping for.

Let me tell you though… I am so glad I stuck around for the entire five days.

Why?  Because it WAS simple. And while no magic-pill exists to end overwhelm and stress… this was a magnificent tool that I’ve now added to my repertoire, and I felt immediately better and more in control of my schedule.

But it was more than that. I’m a firm believer that whenever you’re drawn to something, whether that’s a free challenge or some other course, a book, a webinar, whatever it may be… you’re drawn to it for a reason – and often that reason is there is a golden nugget somewhere in there that you need in that particular moment.

Sounds woo-woo… but whatev’s… it works for me! 😉

Here was the golden nugget I learned from Leslie… okay, well technically two nuggets:

  • The Law of Sacrifice
  • The Virus of Resentment

Woah. Those two things — which at the surface seem like they have very little to do with my overwhelm and “trying to get it all done” problems… well… you may be surprised.

Let’s just say that thanks to Leslie, over the last few days my “virus of resentment” has significantly lessened, and I expect that it will continue to until it’s fully extinct… and I have a MUCH better grasp on my calendar, and those things which I ALLOW to take space in my day.

Much love and hugs to Leslie – brilliant!! 🥰💃💃🥰

I’m not sure when she’ll be running that challenge again – but I would highly encourage you to check her out!

What I Accomplished

The Big Takeaway

Take some time to really soul-search and get completely clear on what your personal priorities are. After that, filter every – single – choice you make about your day through the Filter of No and the Law of Sacrifice… everything else will take care of itself.

Get completely clear on your personal priorities. Then, filter every-single-choice you make in your day through the Filter of No and the Law of Sacrifice... everything else will take care of itself. Click To Tweet

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