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How to be an indie-author in 2019 (Indie Author Adventures #1)

Hint: there is no “one right way”

Is this yet another rambling post telling people how to become a disgustingly successful indie-author in 2019?

Yeah… not so much. Well, not exactly at least.

It is the intro of my own journey, and an invite for you to follow along. I’ve been publishing for a little while now, and ten books (soon to be eleven), I’ve learned a bit. I’m still a baby in this industry compared to some… yet to a newbie I may seem miles and miles ahead.

Hey… newbie… here’s a hint. I’m really not. I’ve just had a bit more time at it… and I’ll let you in on a little something – we’re all still learning. With every single book we publish. With every new marketing effort.

There is no “magic pill”. There is no “one right way”.

Yes, follow in the footprints left by those who have come before you who seem to be achieving some of the successes you desire. Do whatever you can to learn from those who’ve already made their share of “fail-forwards”. But never discount or disqualify your own journey based on the comparison to someone else’s.

A friend of mine (and awesome author – looking at you Laurie!) inspired me to do this. And the more I thought about it, the better of an idea it seemed. Part of my author-journey has always included a piece that wants to give back and help teach others right alongside working toward my own vision of a “successful indie career”.

Also… there’s a bit of accountability built into sharing the behind-the-scenes with readers. Knowing that I may have some readers who genuinely want to know the ins-and-outs of this whole writer-thing keeps me accountable and motivated to keep writing it.

(which in turn keeps me focused on not only writing, but examining my own writing rituals and practices for what works and what doesn’t)

So — yes, I’m inviting you along on the journey. I’ll be posting regular updates here on my blog (and in my newsletter of course). I can’t promise it will all be wine and roses… but I can promise you it will be authentic. The good days, and the not so good ones.

What I’m working on right now…

I am working on a book that is vastly different than what most of my readers have seen from me so far. And… in keeping with my whole “growing past my comfort zone” plan, I am submitting it for the Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award for 2019.

(nope, not terrified or nervous at all) 😉

How is it different? Well, it’s not epic-fantasy for starters. And it is much (MUCH!) darker than what I’ve shared with the world til now, which is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. It is still in its early stages, but is progressing along nicely.

And don’t worry… there’s still plenty more Idoramin and fantasy stories coming… so stay tuned to the next post where I’m going to dive in and start sharing my rather ambitious plans for 2019, and give a bit more insight into the journey you’ll be following.

Take-away from today:

Be ready -- or at least willing -- to venture outside your comfort zone as an indie-author. That's where the greatest gains are found. ~Stacy-Author's Mojo Click To Tweet

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