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One simple FREE tip for your series branding

Have a series? One simple (F-R-E-E) tip for your series branding

Writing a series and not sure about this thing called ‘series branding’?

Authors’ Mojo to the rescue!

(not really – it’s much less complicated than it sounds)

If you are writing a series, then series branding is something you have most likely already put some thought and consideration into.

What is series branding?

Simply put, it is keeping the same look and feel throughout your series (covers) so that at a glance, a reader knows they are part of the same series.

But, how can I make them all look the same if I want different covers for each one?

SIMPLE!  (and free)

There are many ways to do it, but this is our ‘One Simple Tip’ segment… so here is the one simple tip:

Your font choice.

Yep, it really can be that simple.

Take a look at this trio of books:

Different covers, different color schemes for each cover… but, the same unique font used for all three.

Yeah… but how can I get a “unique” font?

Again, easy.  The website we use most is… but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of font websites out there, so pick which one you like.

COMMON SENSE REMINDER:  Something to keep in mind with fonts — just like images, some fonts are not available for people to freely use.

No matter which font site you use, make sure the font you are choosing is Public Domain/GPL/OFL or 100% free to use.  OR… if you are choosing a font that is shareware or licensed, make sure to get it properly licensed before you use it and sell thousands of books!

We here at Authors’ Mojo are NOT attorneys, but it is always a good practice to make sure the images, fonts, content, etc., you use in your work is licensed properly to avoid any problems down the road!  Be smart – protect your work! 🙂

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