Formatting Services

Let’s face it… formatting the interior of your book can be exasperating.

Between getting the margins, gutter, and bleed correct for your specific manuscript needs and length, to making sure it is styled correctly and professionally – for most people it can be a time-consuming project in frustration.

That’s where we come in.

Whether you need your completed manuscript formatted for print, e-book, or both, we can make the process easy, painless, and quick.

🔥 Special Notice – we’ve simplified our book formatting packages! 🔥

We had such an amazing response to the Summer Reads Package Deal that we have decided to make that our normal going rate for your book formatting needs.

Yep – you heard that right… what used to cost over $100 (and in some cases $200 or more) – you can now get starting at … wow… I almost don’t even want to tell you because you just won’t believe it…

$45.00 and up…

Yep – no joke.


Because we are authors too.

I started this business as a way to not only supplement my own writing income, of course, but it was more than that – I have always wanted to help other writers get their own writing careers started without all the stress, headache, and learning curve that I had.

So… Let us handle the hard work of formatting – while you focus on other things.

What are you waiting for… click the button below to get your spot now!

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