Five Great TED Talks for Indie Authors

Five Great TED Talks for the Indie Author

We can all use a little inspiration, different perspective, or fresh ideas at times. These five fantastic TED Talks can help get your writer-flow… well, flowing again!

The Technology of Storytelling – Joe Sabia

Tech has always gone hand-in-hand with storytelling, from the “screen” walls of caves to modern tech with our phones and tablets.


Your Elusive Creative Genius:  Elizabeth Gilbert

Author of “Eat, Pray, Love” and her take on not being a creative genius… but having creative genius!


Be an Artist, Right Now!  By Young-ha Kim

Tackling the ever-present question:  why did we ever stop playing? He talks about unleashing your creative inner-child.


Why a Good Book is a Secret Door By Mac Barnett

Best-selling children’s book author talks about entering the doorway to wonder in telling stories that go far beyond the page.


The Clues to a Great Story by Andrew Stanton

You may know him from films like Toy Story or WALL-e, he talks about how to create an incredible story… starting from the end.


What do you think?  Do you have a favorite TED Talk that isn’t on this list?  Comment and share it below! 👇

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