Writing Focus & Distractions: Sunday Morning Coffee Chat

Sunday morning coffee chat

In this week’s Sunday morning coffee with Stacy chat we talked about writing focus & distractions — continuing our theme from last week about beating distraction brain and up-leveling your author business. If you’d rather watch the writing focus & distractions chat video, click the image below, if not, keep on reading! Click to watch […]

News & How-To’s You Can Use 🤓

Last week in the group we started talking about character development and 4 Quick Tips… This week we dive even deeper. Come on  – let’s jump right in! How do your flawed characters show up? Flaws can make a character not only feel more ‘real’, but often are what makes a character interesting. This week […]

News & How-To’s You Can Use 🤓

Hey, Author-friend! I hope you’re staying cool – I don’t know about you, but it’s been brain-melting hot here in West Virginia! To my friends south of the equator… send some cool air this way, will ya? 😉 How Do You Create Deep, Layered Characters? That is a question we started taking a look at this […]

Tell me about your plans…

…for the rest of 2020.  In the Author’s Mojo Academy, we sit down on a live call each quarter to take a look at the goals we’ve set for ourselves. Review the wins, (and losses!)… then dust ourselves off, readjust our sails and set ourselves up to kick butt in the next quarter. This past […]

How GoT Can Help You – (don’t worry – no spoilers!)

So, as a HUGE(!!) fan of Game of Thrones – books and series – my Facebook feed has been inundated with posts and memes from both sides of the opinion ‘wall’… season 8 is great… season 8 is horrible, lazy writing… And yes, I have my own opinions on it too, of course. But I […]

Five Great TED Talks for Indie Authors

Five Great TED Talks for Indie Authors

Five Great TED Talks for the Indie Author We can all use a little inspiration, different perspective, or fresh ideas at times. These Five Great TED Talks for Indie Authors can help get your writer-flow… well, flowing again!

One simple FREE tip for your series branding

Have a series? One simple (F-R-E-E) tip for your series branding Writing a series and not sure about this thing called ‘series branding’? Authors’ Mojo to the rescue! (not really – it’s much less complicated than it sounds)