Managing your WordPress Media Library

Hi all! I had some WordPress media library questions come in — and then after, a request to make it a blog post to refer back to and share…so, here ya go! (Thanks, C for the great questions!!) <3 First, the questions: I end up uploading a lot of pictures to my site for various […]

Author Blogging – Still Relevant?

Author Blogging… Every few weeks, it seems, I have people ask me if blogging is still relevant, and more specifically if it’s relevant and important to blog as an author. The short simple answer, yes and yes. Here are some concrete reasons why yes, as an indie author, you should be blogging in 2019: Search […]

How to Choose the Best Author Website for You (Free Checklist!)

As with most things, technological advancements have completely changed the face of websites for businesses… Which also means websites for us authors. I have been in the web development and technology industry for over 20 years, and it used to be that if you needed a website, you had to hire someone like myself, which […]

Five Great Tools for Upping Your Author Website Game

Five Great Tools for Upping Your Author Website Game! Author websites are a source of angst and pain for a lot of indies… but it doesn’t need to be! In today’s quick post, we’re going to share 5 of our favorite tools for helping you UP your website game, quick, easy, and FREE. HubSpot’s Blog […]