Universal Links vs Link Shorteners

Linking to your books — Universal Links vs Link Shorteners What’s the difference & why it matters You’ve probably heard about link shorteners, “clean” links, making your links “pretty” or universal links in your time as an indie-author. Today, we’ll take a quick look and talk about universal links vs link shorteners, what the differences […]

Five of our Fav Facebook Groups for Indies

Nowadays, a great number of us suffer from information overload. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media networks that most of us frequent and use for our author business, the endless stream of information can be overwhelming. Not to mention a lot of the information we would like to see gets lost […]

One simple FREE tip for your series branding

Have a series? One simple (F-R-E-E) tip for your series branding Writing a series and not sure about this thing called ‘series branding’? Authors’ Mojo to the rescue! (not really – it’s much less complicated than it sounds)