News & How-To’s You Can Use 🤓

Last week in the group we started talking about character development and 4 Quick Tips… This week we dive even deeper. Come on  – let’s jump right in! How do your flawed characters show up? Flaws can make a character not only feel more ‘real’, but often are what makes a character interesting. This week […]

Tell me about your plans…

…for the rest of 2020.  In the Author’s Mojo Academy, we sit down on a live call each quarter to take a look at the goals we’ve set for ourselves. Review the wins, (and losses!)… then dust ourselves off, readjust our sails and set ourselves up to kick butt in the next quarter. This past […]

Author Blogging – Still Relevant?

Author Blogging… Every few weeks, it seems, I have people ask me if blogging is still relevant, and more specifically if it’s relevant and important to blog as an author. The short simple answer, yes and yes. Here are some concrete reasons why yes, as an indie author, you should be blogging in 2019: Search […]

Five of our Fav Facebook Groups for Indies

Nowadays, a great number of us suffer from information overload. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media networks that most of us frequent and use for our author business, the endless stream of information can be overwhelming. Not to mention a lot of the information we would like to see gets lost […]