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Special Book Formatting Offer

Limited-Quantity Only:
$50 Formatting Special

What’s Included:

  • Manuscript length: any
  • Includes front matter & back matter
  • Amazon .kpf for eBook AND print
  • AND .ePub

Why Is This Such a Great Deal?

Our base formatting package starts at $45, with most book formatting projects falling in the $75 – $95 range. AND ordering multiple formats increases the price additionally. With this package, you get it all.

This is a VERY LIMITED OFFER – which you can PREORDER for your current or upcoming books.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My book isn’t ready, can I buy now and use later?
    YES! Definitely! After you complete your purchase, you fill out a short form with your plans for your jobs so we can coordinate! 
  • Can I buy multiples and use later?
    YES! Absolutely. Just let me know when you fill out the form so we can plan for that!
  • Can I buy these as a gift/giveaway for my subscribers?
    YES! Absolutely! Just let me know you will be using them in a giveaway/gift, and then later the name of who was the lucky recipient!


Images (above and beyond simple chapter dividers or a single back-matter map) can increase the price due to the additional work / time needed to ensure proper formatting and display. This price is determined by the number and type of images included in the manuscript.

$50 Formatting Special - Order Now

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